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Welcome to Reiki Connection

Reiki is a safe, holistic way of relieving symptoms of acute and chronic conditions and bringing about spiritual, mental and emotional well being. Reiki is suitable for everyone, including the very young to elderly, pregnant women, those recovering from surgery and it can bring comfort and ease in the transition between life and death. If you are in good health, Reiki will help you stay that way.

Reiki never does harm, it works independently of any religion or spiritual belief system. 

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Reiki Healing & Benefits

Featured Services

Reiki for People

Reiki is healing energy in its truest sense. When the Reiki practitioner channels this life energy through their hands to the recipient, it activates the body's natural ability to heal itself. The energy goes to the deepest levels of the recipients being, where illnesses and traumas have their origin.

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Reiki for Animals

With healthy animals, Reiki can help maintain health on all levels. Reiki can heal physical illness and injury in animals as well as problems on emotional and spiritual levels. It is a powerful tool for emotional healing following trauma, abuse, neglect, fear and trust issues, reaching deeply into even the most damaged spirits.

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